Ever dreamt about going all-in like James Bond did in Casino Royale? How about skiing out of a villain’s lair in the Alps? Now you got your chance to experience part of the view with 007 Elements.

The brilliant piece of architecture and civil engineering rests high in the Austrian Alps, hidden beneath several layers of milk-white snow. The 007 Elements is a James Bond-themed cinematic installation and features villain liars from across the movies. The exhibition is situated fairly close to the Spectre-featured Ice Q restaurant.

There is little to no furniture found inside the wide-spaced rooms of the exhibition. However, large glass windows and huge screens streaming the movies make the visitor feel fully emerged within the Bond universe. Gadgets and props from the 007 series are to be found everywhere, further improving the experience of visitors.

It’s interesting to know that various parts of the previous movies have been intentionally been left out of the big screens, as they’ve been considered sexist. Furthermore, only scenes from the most recent movies will be displayed to the visiting audience.

The 007 Elements exhibition will open for the first time on 17th July and investors expect heavy visitor traffic, guaranteeing the success of the setup.