[adsense300gray]If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors every once in a while and you also take your friends or family (or both) with you, you’re sure going to like what I have to show you. Forget all about your old, uncomfortable tents and sleep like a king in the Safari Tent, which offers you 120 square feet of space for sleeping and hanging around when the weather isn’t too friendly.

If you were searching for one tent to rule them all, well, you’ll just love this baby. It has a Cordura outer skin (floor and shell) which is weatherproof and its frame is made from aluminum. With these being said, it’s understandable that the Safari Tent will take good care of you and everybody else when Mother Nature decides to go all cold and rainy on you guys. Have no fear, as this tent will feel as warm and cozy as it can, taking camping at a new level by letting you move and stand up, offering you conditions that you’ll never have when using a regular tent.

The Safari Tent comes at $2000, but you’ll never regret spending that amount of money after taking it with you in your adventures and seeing what a great sidekick it can be.

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