Technology and innovative design has come so far in the recent years that we can enjoy places and buildings that look like something from a dream. People are creating amazing things that are both beautiful and help the environment. Baharash Bagherian, the design director and founder of Baharash Architecture says: “Today, thinking holistically at all scales is important for creating a higher quality of life while also protecting the environment.” And with that in mind the design team has planned out the world’s greenest eco resort in Liwa, the southern region of UAE.


The eco resort is scheduled to open in 2020 and until then we can read about all the things that the designers have come up with.

With love for the planet


The heart of the resort is the spring. When the project began it was discovered that the groundwater could be extracted using a deep well, and so the design team decided to make a story all the way around the spring. The spring will also be used for crop irrigation, fish farming and of course recreational activities. So the whole complex is distributed around the spring in a star formation. Some of the other environmental benefits are the ribbon-like roof made of solar panels, the recycling of waste water for irrigation and on-site waste management.


In total the resort will have 84 interconnected suits – all with an outdoor terrace and tranquil and beautiful views of the desert. The restaurant and bar will be provided with produce grown on the site with the option for the future guests to forage organic produce themselves and make amazing dishes with the help of the chef.
The resort will also have a business and research facility with state of the art technology. And all windows will be equipped with smart glass windows – instant privacy with just pressing a button.


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