Warm waters of Central America’s Carribbean side along with Islands on the Pacific side are more than beautiful and easy to access. Take a look at 7 most appealing Islands in Central America, choose one that  suits you best, go and visit it and believe me you won’t regret a penny you spent.

1. Ambergris Caye Island, Belize

Dreamy and tropical Ambergris Caye, the top travel destination, is the largest of Belize’s islands. On this island you will learn about different cultures, Mayan ruins, active volcanoes. Here you can enjoy tropical wildlife, great sandy beaches. Diving, sailing, fishing and swimming with the Nurse sharks and snorkeling on the Barrier Reef leave tourists breathless. Eating the best coconut pies at The Baker is not to be missed. If you need a quick Caribbean getaway than the Ambergris Caye is the perfect choice for you.


2. Roatan, Honduras

Have you ever spotted a seahorse before? No, you haven’t. Then the best choice for you is to visit a prominent scuba diving and snorkeling centre, Roatan, which is the largest of the Bay Islands. If you are in need for a vacation away from the usual tourist noise and crowdness then Roatan is perfect for you. It offers miles of pristine beaches, a full service restaurants and bars, water sports from swimming to kayaking, and dolphin watching.

 3. Pearl Islands, Panama

also known as Las Perlas Archipelago, are a collection of 100 islands. Hot tropical weather and trendy lifestyle will leave every visitor speechless. The most famous and most populated of these islands is Isla Contadora. With their white sand beaches, wonderful beach bars and restaurants, and a great opportunity to dive and explore the waters of Panama, Pearl Islands are perfect destination for adventurists.

4. Utila Bay Island, Honduras

Looking for a vacation away from the usual tourist areas? Then choose Utila Bay Islands, one of the smallest and the cheapest Islands of Central America. The weather, hospitability of the locals, mixture of different cultures, night life and natural ambient make Utila Bay Island unique place to stay at. Excellent dive centerts are also not to be neglected

5. Diamond Caye, Honduras

The perfect little diamond cay located on the western end of Utila Island, is the real tropical paradise island. The reef around the island is diamond shaped and it protects island’s long sandy beaches, tropical vegetation, turtles, exotic fish. On this island you can enjoy snorkeling, fishing by the shore, diving, boating.

6. Cocos Island, Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

The uninhabited island, gives unique lifetime experience for all of you who would like to try something new and slightly dangerous. Diving with hammerhead sharks is the palce’s unique attraction and it’s accessible for professional divers as well as for all visitors who would like to try it. And while talking about sharks, if you are afraid of sharks, then this is not the place for you. You can be surrounded by hundreds of white tip reef sharks and hammerhaead sharks too.

7. Coiba Island, Panama

Being the largest island in Central America, Coiba Island has a great potential and gives a lot to travellers. This rustic place offers diving and swimming in crystal clear waters, snorkelling with turtles, loads of exotic fish and coral. If you expect luxury then better avoid this island, but if you ever just put your eye on it from the distance you will never forget the tropical beauty it has. You won’t want to leave once you put your feet on its beaches.


Damas bay beach, Coiba island, Veraguas Province / Playa en Bahia Damas, Isla de Coiba, Provincia de Veraguas



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