Travel is one of the most transformative experiences a person can have. It’s no surprise that today more people than ever are taking longer vacations, gap years and sabbaticals. When travelling in Europe it can be especially challenging to decide where to go, because each country offers a different culture and ambience.

[adsense300gray]Your final decision depends on what type of experience you want to have and what you would like to achieve on your journey. Whether it’s the scenery, the nightlife, or the availability of microbrews on tap, men have their own ideas of what makes a place interesting and fun. However, there are still some general recommendations that will make any man happy.

After visiting nearly every country in Europe, interacting with the locals, and many experiences I wanted to share my personal selection of the most interesting European cities for male travellers. Each of them guarantees a unique experience, and if you travel solo each of them offers great opportunities to meet someone as interesting as the cities they inhabit.

BARCELONA, the city that has it all

Barcelona is a fun and exciting city; one of those perfect places that have everything, a warm climate, the Mediterranean Sea, great culture and architecture, with colorful parrots flying overhead. If I mention that it’s also home to FC Barcelona, one of the best football clubs in the world, would you need anymore?

If you’re wondering about the beautiful people and party scene, why yes, Barcelona has those too! The vibrant nightlife attracts happy people from all over the world. Indulge your taste buds with delicious pintxos, tapas and wine from the wonderful restaurants or from the vendors in the vibrant outdoor market. The girls are happy with lovely Catalonian accents.

PARIS, the city that will make you secretly jealous

No Paris isn’t overrated. The Parisian charm is undeniable, and though it is often overrun with tourists, the mixture of beauty, well-dressed people, fine perfume, fresh baguettes and thousands of delicious cheeses and wines make it a fantastic city for any man’s itinerary.

Parisians don’t apologize for enjoying life. Even if you just spend a few days there you can learn how to eat, dress, and flirt better. Poise and seduction are written deeply into the French culture, as well as pleasant conversation over coffee and cigarettes. You should participate and learn from these experiences and find out for yourself why the Parisian lifestyle is imitated all around the world.

AMSTERDAM, a great mixture of culture and fun

The city has a cozy, provincial European feel with romantic canals and distinctive architecture. Though the city is quite large, it’s easy to get around on foot or by bicycling. Chic bars and cafes with exquisite interiors featuring the impressionistic work of Van Gogh will surely satisfy even the most refined tastes.

Even more appealing is the open-mindedness and freedom on display in the numerous “coffee shops” where you can easily buy weed as well as the famous Red Light District, where undressed girls in vitrines seduce potential customers. There isn’t any shame in Amsterdam and few taboos. It’s a great place to go out and get great Dutch beers.

BERLIN, the place to be

[adsense300gray]Berlin isn’t as impressive at first glance as Paris, Rome or Barcelona. It’s had a turbulent history, which surely impacts its appearance. After a while, seemingly out of nowhere, the city takes on color and you fall in love. The city is very cosmopolitan and welcoming, with a huge technology hub and laid-back vibes.

If you like culture, history, fashion trends, street art or just simple people watching, you will be thrilled in Berlin. Berlin’s party scene which attracts the most famous DJs in the world plus blend of traditional German foods and ethnic foods with affordable prices make Berlin’s nightlife the best in the world. After having a blast in one of Berlin’s nightclubs make some time for people watching. Berliners have a unique urban style and street art that make Berlin feel like the European New York.

KRAKOW, an old-school town with mountainous surroundings

Visiting Europe doesn’t mean neglecting its eastern half. Krakow is the quintessential eastern European city, known for its beauty and escaping the worst of WWII bombings. The former Polish capital is easier to access than Moscow and is far less touristy than nearby Prague. It’s the second largest city in Poland and reaches nearly one million citizens during the regular school year. It still somehow maintains a small town feel and has an active city center.

The old royal castle, charming bars and cellars make Krakow a wonderful destination. The city is easily walkable, has a great pub scene, and the local girls are known to be gorgeous. During the summer the city feels like a continuous festival. If you feel like hiking for a couple of hours check out the Tatra mountains, definitely a highlight for nature lovers.

BELGRADE, really off the beaten path

Belgrade isn’t your typical European vacation destination but don’t overlook the Balkans. It’s easy to have a rewarding travel experience there. It isn’t a pretty capital by any means but it’s one of the most happening cities in Europe. Belgrade is changing rapidly, a chaotic mix of socialist architecture and art nouveau masterpieces, an interesting destination for those interested in history and culture. Unlike other European capitals Belgrade isn’t structured around the tourism industry. This makes it possible to explore and experience the city as a stranger, a rare experience in mass tourism.

Those who visit Belgrade for its vibrant nightlife are not disappointed. There’s always something going on at night and the Serbian people are considered the best looking in the Balkans. Belgrade has a soul and culture that you can especially explore during the summer, when the clubs are on boats called Splavs. No matter where you go you’re sure to have a blast.