This is one for the advanced adventurer. Not quite the typical hike most outdoor enthusiasts are accustomed with, this piece of land in Southern Spain provides one of the most dangerous trekking locations in the country. The “Caminito del Rey” path boasts large holes and missing sections of road, all of them sending a shiver down your spine.


Once you’ve gathered enough craziness to try it out, 3 kilometer stretch will definitely push you over your limits. A clip-on cable runs across the path, so you can either use your own climbing equipment or rent some from the local shop. Don’t feel too relieved yet; the “via ferrata” isn’t maintained by anyone, thus its integrity is highly questionable.

In some areas, the path rises 350 feet from the ground, the only thing separating you from certain death being a narrow stretch of unstable land. You may encounter other trekkers and have to squeeze around each other on these strips.



Definitely a life changing experience, Caminito del Rey will test your height fear. If you get nervous while getting on a chair to replace a lightbulb, Caminito del Rey will be a land of nightmares. Nevertheless, pushing your limits and facing your demons on this 3 km course is an experience to be tried at least once in a lifetime.


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