The team from ESCAPE, creators of ESCAPE Classic, come forward with a new model inspired by what they say to be more than 20 years of crafting experience in the world of tiny houses. The model is called Traveler a house on wheels, aimed at you, perfect for destinations too far from home, yet so near to it. There is no joking around with these guys, every piece being hand made from scraps, so I wouldn’t call it prefabricated, no, there is something more about thise one, and I can feel it.


Of course the space has maximized utilty so that every inch can matter. Like this, you have a full operating bathroom and kitchen, a lrage dining or work table, fireplace surrounding the living room, equipped with TV. Beds enough for a family of six. Large windows, for you to immortalize the sunset at dusk or the sunrise at dawn. Hot water, a washer/dryer, storage space at your disposal, temperature control at your command, including A/C with heat pump and very low energy burning. There is also an XL version of Traveler, meaning a queen size bed at the “first floor”. Exterior is made with cedar lap siding and trim wih steel accent and protective panels, while interior is 100% recycled, Dakota planking, check on their website as options are available to customize this, with vinyl flooring or maple/oak solid core bathroom door. Size is 28″L(including hitch) x 8.5″W x13.5″H.

There is much more to this, and I strongly recommend you to check their website. This thing is perfect for everyone who travels long and lives great.


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