The „Bridal Veil” fall is not exactly your typical art project, and it most certainly isn’t a common sight one would come across in nature (unfortunately, we might add). This water curtain is in fact an art installation built for the Horizons „Art Nature” festival which is an annual event that takes place in France and has featured some amazing pieces over the years.

The curtain is meant to be a horizontal continuation of the natural fall from which it gathers its water, similar to how a train „follows” the bridal gown. The delicate distribution of light across a deposit of volcanic ash create a sublime¬†image that give the installation its name.

[adsense300gray]”When the sun is up, lights and shadows of the forest and reflections of the water finally complete the magical scene of the waterfall.”, says Louis Sicard, the French architect who designed the structure.

There are 40 meters (131 ft.) of pine and copia timber that stretch through the Mont-Dore region in Sancy, France, complementing the gorgeous, raw scenery. The structure supports a zig-zag shaped, 11 ft. high aqueduct, drawing water from the Rossignolet fall over a pathway. The 4000 holes poked into the duct make for a very fine screen of water, designed to make visitors that pass through it feel refreshed and more in touch with nature. The sound of trickling water and birds chirping and the display of scattered light give an almost surreal image.

The Horizons festival will end on September 28, so there’s still time to catch some of the amazing pieces that make the case for eco-friendly art.