Everybody needs to get out of the city once in a while. Some people choose to go on a city break, some choose a vacation in a cozy place and the rest of us, the more adventurous kind choose to go camping. Most people are afraid of camping because they think it is something hard which only the professionals can do. This truly is a misconception, because, with the advancement in technology, camping becomes more accessible for everyone. Today, we will present you a few gadgets that will make your life a lot easier during camping.


Luci is a fairly priced lantern that will surely suit your camping needs. It is powerful, compact and lights up a big area. Besides, it is solar-powered which means you don’t have to worry about your batteries running low. Just let it outside for a while and it will be fully charged!

2. LifeStraw GO

Meet the LifeStraw GO, a refillable water bottle that uses a two-stage filtration process to make water safe to drink. The manufacturer claims it removes 99.9999 percent of bacteria and parasites, which is enough for the typical camper. Besides, the bottle can hold up to 650ml (about 21 ounces) of water, which means that you can fill it up when you find a stream and use it later without any difficulties.

3. LighterBro Lighter Sleeve

You definitely need a lighter when camping, but why only getting a lighter when you could get a lighter, a sharp knife / blade, a screwdriver, a bottle opener and scissors in one single tool? The LighterBro Lighter Sleeve is „the” tool you’ve been looking for and that will get you out of trouble one time, trust me. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in a plenty of colors, from plain black to titanium gold!

4. Fallkniven A1

The A1 is a knife made to last. It can get you through the most difficult situations you’ll ever encounter in the wilderness. From hunting to trenching, there is nothing this knife can’t achieve. Its steel sandwich construction allows it to withstand a lot of lateral pressure, meaning that it will never bend!

5. Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Every camper should try to sleep in a hammock at least once in their lives. The Lost Valley Hammock is less heavy than a tent, easier to install and supports a weight of about 350lbs. It also comes with a net that will protect you against flies and rain. It surely is a nice hammock for beginners or people who are afraid that diverse creatures will attack them during the night.