When going alpine, you have to concentrate on the views and staying alive. Save the effort and avoid trauma, two essential guidelines. They are both greatly combined on the Hybrid Sleeping Bag by Patagonia. Why do we like it? Because you don’t mess around with it. It doesn’t take that much space, it’s reliable and safe. You can use it if you’re a professional or a rookie, there’s no standard attached to it.

People call them „elephants foot” sleeping bags. This one weights around 18 ounces, but don’t mistake it for something too light. You can sleep in the roughest of conditions, even while standing. This is the thing I like the most. Just find enough space for your own body and concentrate on recharging your batteries. Disadvantages? If you’re above 6 feet tall, look somewhere else.

The inner part of the bag is smaller than the outer. Thus, cold spots are avoided no matter what. The user’s feet enjoy 850-fill-power Traceable Down insulated tubes. Being three dimensional, this means no cold in, no heat out. Also, no compression. It is water repellent and can save you a lot of effort. You can zip the bag and keep it around. There is ripstop nylon at the top, all tough and generous with you. Price tag at $300, so get yours now.

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