Have you ever imagined a perfect life ? Not the kind of one that never ends, that is not  perfection, that is simple boredom. I mean the life where you get to do what you want, what you like, what fits you. Your desires come on first, because you deserve it, who cares what others say ? You must be thinking where you can get such a life. I got the answer for you, it’s in the CRN’s J’ade yacht, a gem of watercraft brilliance and a superlative of classy living. It’s basically the grooming your soul needs.

Innovation defines perfection

This yacht is more than a simple piece of luxury, it is also a modern way of thinking and spending, the way where you are allowed to do what you want. So what if you want a floating garage located inside the 60 metres long superyacht ? You have at your feet. What about having a 8 metres long Riva Iseo speedboat at your disposal, waiting for your command ? Well, you got that too, accessible without using a lift. The magnificent creation can turn to a club terrace with a pool, a beach or whatever your imagination can articulate. To this mix of pleasure you can add another 9 guests and 13 crew members, a top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots, powered by MTU 12V, 150kW engines. The framework is of aluminum and steel, while the insides spoil you with marble, fines quality woodwork and metal, leather and canvas, a piano and everything else you want your eyes to see, your hands to touch, your soul to feel.

If you consider yourself a king, you need your majesty’s vehicle. Your holidays will be not only in retreat, away from any intruders, but also in full high-class fashion, as a superyacht like this should forever be in trends.


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