[adsense300gray]The  Roof-Top Tent from Treeline Outdoors is the perfect solution for the urban dweller who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to have space for a camper or a tent/trailer/RV, yet it is addicted to comfort.

As the name suggests, the Roof Top Tent is exactly what it says it is:  a very easy to carry around, take down and install tent, that uses your car as a foundation when deployed, or something(just take a look at the pictures, you will understand what I mean). This tent is made of poly/cotton and since it is harbored on the top of your car, it will save you precious cargo space. Also, this tent comes with its own mattress made of high density foam, covered with cloth. So, it is very comfy, to say the least. The bedding stuff and the mattress will stay inside the tent when you’re travelling or when the tent is collapsed, so they will present no significant problem in terms of handling.

The roof top tent features an innovative design, it takes you two minutes to set it up, it is made of waterproof materials with rip-proof technology, it comes with zippered windows and  electrical chord access slits, so you can enjoy your electronics from inside the tent. Also, this baby will fit all types of vehicles, under the condition they are equipped with a roof rack.