Everybody feels the need to get out of the city once in a while. Today, we will present you a few city escape locations which you can reach fast and cheap. Lets get right into it.

  •  Ocean City, Maryland

Just a few hours away from most of the US East coast, it is the place you need after an exhausting week at the office. The energy of all the young people around you will recharge your batteries, and the ocean is usually warm enough for a quick swim. Some local businesses also offer you the possibility of renting ski-jets and even small boats! The location is also the right place for meeting and socializing with foreigners, as lots of students from Europe come here to take a summer job. Lodging isn’t a problem, as there are lots of available places on airbnb and coachsurfer.

  •  Romania

Speaking of Europe, Romania is a nice destination for a quick city break on the old continent. It is easily accessible with low-cost air carriers from pretty much anywhere in Europe, but transportation inside the country isn’t that easy without a car. From the historic city of Brasov to the enormous socialist buildings in the heart of Bucharest, you’ll have plenty of things to see and do. The Romanian Parliament Palace, built during Ceausescu’s dictatorial regime, holds the record for the heaviest building on Earth. People usually are very friendly, and most of them speak English very well. Besides, sleeping in the country is cheap, even in the fancier hotels, and the food is great. 

  • The Azores

The Azores are an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The weather is usually good, and you have the chance to discover how people on remote islands live. Besides, the spirit of the place will get you in the vacation mood right after you step down from the plane. Now, for the surprise, the archipelago has nearly no beaches, but lots and lots of hills and mountains. This is what makes it special. You can have miles long walks without interfering with other human beings and you don’t need any trekking knowledge or special equipment, because the mountains are pretty easy to climb. Being on the top of a mountain, breathing the fresh air and seeing the ocean surrounding you is an experience you’ll never forget, and the greenness around you will give you enough energy for another month or two in the office.