Visiting Australia – a 3 minute guide

Ever met an Aussie and said, “oh I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, but everything is trying to kill you?”

If you have, you’re not original, everyone says that. Its time to face death in the face, hop on a Qantas flight into Sydney, rent a Subaru (which isn’t Australian, but sounds like it is), get a cork hat, and drive out to the “bush” and do the following along the way.

Visit national parks

That’s right, all of them. Australia has some of the most breath-taking views, photo opportunities, and parks that rank them in up there with the most beautiful parks in the world.

Just right outside Australia’s busiest city , Sydney, The Royal National Park can take you from a tropical, natural rainforest, to a secluded sandy beach, then back to bush trails, and all the in-betweens, in just a 5 kilometre trail.


What’s a better way to see Australia’s amazing and unique coastline than doing it 4,000 meters in the air and falling at terminal velocity (200km/h)? Skydiving is one of Australia’s most popular, and best ways to view the “Great Southern Land” and is all moderately priced, but remember, you get what you pay for.

Diving / snorkeling

If the land is getting old and boring, and slightly hot, then head out to the water and see what Australia is most famous for, its reefs. Visiting one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef, is a breathtaking and life changing experience that will leave you in awe after viewing the beauty that lies under the great waves.

However, if that’s not on the menu, Australia’s coastlines are a filled with great diving and snorkel spots, however please remember, as snorkelling may be on your menu and nothing else, there’s a few creatures that might have you on their menu. 

Be sure to get the proper gear before heading out, as the jellyfish and Great White Sharks don’t tend to play well with others.