There is no shame in willing to travel, no matter how much money you want to spend doing it. There are lots of people who do it, basically, for free. Age means more than money, and having great memories and beautiful experiences throughout your entire life is more important than what the paycheck says.


So, let’s try to see if there’s anything we can do to get rid of the money issue. We prepared a few tips&tricks useful for everyone.

1. Work Overseas

Not a joke, man. Getting a jobbatical it’s probably the best way you can escape some of the worst things around you. For instance, monotony at your daily job. How does that sound for a change? Also, fresh faces, new landscape, people to meet and things to see.

There are tons of job opportunities for everyone. For most, you don’t need any degree or specific training, just enthusiasm and bravery. Say goodbye to your boring and lazy hometown and come meet the cool kids in the city with all those bright lights.

2. Free flights

Simple. Sign up for a travel credit card, collect miles and fly for free. At least this will make every flight cheaper. But if you are patient enough, things will improve shortly. There are many combinations you can choose from in between, so find the best option and go for it.

3. Couchsurfing

It’s easy to do it and believe me, trustworthy indeed. I used it myself. Couchsurfing means you can travel abroad without paying for accommodation. You are connected to the person hosting you at all times and at the end you share your experience to others who are ready to try it. It’s an amazing way to make new friends and be a part of a beautiful community.

4. Hitchhike

Don’t be afraid of it. People who do it are friendly and nice. It’s probably the easiest way of moving around without paying too much. It’s safe in most parts of the world. You can get information about the place you’re heading to on the internet before using it, should you feel nervous about it.

5. Free Tours

You can find these almost anywhere. I know about two in my city, and people don’t like doing things for free where I usually live. Some of them are actually great, keep in mind that paying more for something is not always a guarantee for excellence.

6. Housesit

I personally like this one the most, although I never used it or heard of anyone using it either. What this means is you can watch for someone’s house while they are on vacation. For free. Like this, you can get the chance to see the town of your dreams without paying for accommodation. Of course you’re at the job in some way, but there are plenty of bonuses: for instance, you get a kitchen to cook all the meals.