A real man’s status is of course determined by the things he’s done, the way he acts and the way he talks. But there is more to that. A man is shaped by his experiences, by the things he’s seen. We prepared a list for your best October travel destinations. Take a peek, make your own mind, and choose accordingly, you will not be disappointed.

1. The Turkish Coast

Turkey’s coasts of Aegean and Bosphorus lend some of the most impressing views a man can hope to find in early fall. There is this special feeling you get taking a walk on the still sunbathed beaches, the breeze whispering in your ears, the doves running wild, chasing the dark clouds away. A definite recommendation, the prices for accommodation being not so high at all. Everything is seasoned with the freedom from the usual holidaymakers. Also, check on Istanbul, the country’s capital is way too unsettled to visit during summer season.






2. Mauritius, Africa

Tropical beaches are the keywords for a trip to Mauritius. Water sports, great service, hospitality and astonishing landscape is the mix that makes it so Octoberlicious. Take a chance, board for Mauritius in fall, where the temperatures are still great, rain doesn’t make a presence for herself, all while the green Paradise is smiling right back at you.






 3. Lisbon, Portugal

Europe, the only place on Earth where the summer is long enough to make an October getaway the way it should, even deep in autumn season, let’s say at the end of October. Lisbon is a neat destination for you to check out. It is thought to be more of an indoor city, but I did not feel this way at all. People are awesome over there, you can actually feel their warmth, they also listen to good music and have great taste in food. To explore the city of Lisbon and its surroundings at your own pace, you can hire a car from Enjoy Travel, a reliable and affordable car rental service in Lisbon.






 4. Jordan, Middle East

Perceived by many as one of the most friendly countris in the Middle East, Jordan remains a complete unknown to many people, a shame if you are looking for a quiet, yet spectacular trip. Here you can find a great deserscape, staying the night in a Bedouin Camp. Spending a night under the starry sky of Jordan is a great experience, one that might change your perspective about the simple beauties of life. Let’s not forget about the Dead Sea, the Red Sea or the Roman city of Jerash. Feeling excited enough already ? For one, I am.





 5. Cancun, Mexico

Forget what popculture has done to Mexico’s image. This part of the Americas is more than a big moustaches, burrito eating, weird English accent cliché. It is an endless source of civilization and inspiration. An October getaway to Cancun can confirm my assertion. October is part of the wet season, but everyone who’s been there before can let you know rain wasn’t much of a dealbreaker.






 6. Malaysia

There is a great chunk of the calendaristic year when you can visit Malysia, with October probably being somwhere at the end of that, but still, it makes a good destination for a vacation in early fall. The winds bring a slight drop in temperatures, but both sides of the peninsula keep their picturesque and colorful landscape, all captivating, waiting for you to discover.



7. Miami, Florida

We couldn’t have missed on the U.S. for this list, mostly because they make a great October getaway destination all year long, no matter the season. What makes Miami great for October though is the spectacular blend of still warm weather, hot girls, great beach resorts. A real man should make a visit to Florida during summer or fall a top priority.