Fall is here. For us, that can only be synonymous with falling leaves and the great outdoors. No other time is better to hit the road than the fall. As people start packing up and ditching the beach, that should give you all the more reason to head out. Your biggest asset? Your car. Stop thinking. Just take the girl. Don’t stress out on packing. Spontaneous is adventurous. Have no plans and tackle the open road. Here’s where you should be taking her.

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – it’s touristy. But honestly, it’s only touristy on the weekends. How often will your girl expect you to just hit the road on a weekday? Yup, never. Go there on a tuesday or wednesday night, probably the least busy nights and bring a bottle of wine. The next is pretty self-explanatory. Open the windows, play a bit of music, and park. Enjoy the view because it really is spectacular. Now tell me, what girl wouldn’t love that?

Big Sur

Whenever you have stars, a breathtaking beach to wake up to, and a chance to disconnect and be surrounded by nature, you have the perfect recipe for romance. Few places in the world can be as spectacular as Big Sur. Bring a camp stove, bacon, eggs, and coffee and you might just qualify as the best boyfriend ever. Nothing lights up a girl more than starting the day with a good breakfast with coffee and that awesome view. Unless it’s sex of course. But I’ll leave that to you.

Pacific Coast Highway

California is perhaps the best playground in the world. The Pacific Coast Highway offers spectacular views of the beach, some of which can be completely empty and deserted. Get the tanning oil (or wetsuit), some cheese and wine, and have a picnic. If that doesn’t suit you, maybe you can surf? All you need is an imagination because the canvas is already there.

Baja California, Mexico

If you’re in Southern California, Baja is an exotic destination that’s close enough to drive to. As a surfer myself, I’m always in constant search for the perfect wave. While surfing is one of the many activities to do there, just being south of the border is already an adventure in itself. Few people think of crossing the border because it’s dangerous, but after traveling around South America for 5 months, I realized it’s more a matter of common sense than anything. What’s great is that it’s close enough to drive to yet exotic enough to feel like you’re far away. Not to mention, there’s dollar taco’s and real fresh seafood waiting for you.

What You’ll Need

A car
If you have a truck, you can even put an airbed in the back and turn that into a cozy, comfortable bed to stargaze at night in the desert.

This trip is about you and her. Ditch the fast food, avoid expensive restaurants, and feed yourself with your own meals. Plus, don’t forget the booze. Wine should be the safest bet. Beer sounds good too, but since you’re on a road trip, it will be difficult to keep it chilled. Just don’t drink and drive.

If your car has great speakers, that’s awesome. Personally, though, I still like to bring a portable music device because your car can’t follow you everywhere you go.

Camping Equipment
The purpose of this is to surprise and enchant. Bring whatever camping gear you think you’re going to need like a tent, a gas stove, and sleeping bags, but don’t over think it. Travel, no matter how long or short the distance, is about improvising. In doing so, you’ll realize that much of what you have, is really all you’re going to need in life.


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