Iceland is something like some timeless place, where the earth’s elements meet the people who harness its power. Volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and wind are Iceland’s attributes. You can experience all of these if you spend just a week there. Descendants of Vikings, strong people live in Iceland. They drive monster trucks, eat rotten fish and heat their homes with volcano-heated water. This could be the most exotic place on Earth and it only takes five-hour flight from Manhattan.

To experience Iceland one must also experience its weather. Iceland is a place of volatile weather. Over the day, there are all four seasons — rain, sleet, snow, sunshine and winds that are strong enough to turn those big trucks upside down. There is not one without the other. All four seasons go together side by side, so guys, when you visit Iceland be ready to keep a jacket handy, hood ready to deploy.

Volcano eruptions take place once a week in Iceland and while it is world news on every TV little notice is paid at the spot. You have to see the Gígjökull, the glacier that descends from Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that erupted in 2010. That one eruption shut down European air travel for weeks.

The return to civilization could wait. Don’t hurry up to get back to it. Enjoy the untouched nature of Iceland. Explore every piece of it. Breathe the fresh rainy air. Stare at the whiteness of snow. Don’t forget to retell your experience to every person you know.


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