If you have ever dreamt of having your own tree house, well, this is not going to quite get you one, but it might simplify the process. Let me introduce to you the CanopyStair, yes, in one word only, because it’s better for the defining the item which promises to deliver a good time for anyone looking to spend time out there, in close touch with mother nature. You can set it up with ease, without the use of any tools. What this item actually does is forming a spiral staircase around a tree trunk. Now, I guess it has to be a pretty tall and linear tree trunk, otherwise you might find some trouble in installing it.


The manufacturer says there is no harm done to the tree, so I hope they keep their word. Once you get up, you can get a look from above, and in my opinion, it’s a very nice thing to have for your kids and whole family, but your friends will enjoy it as well. Set it on a tree in the gardenm at your parents’ house or when leaving on a trip. The canopies of the trees are the least explored ecosystem in the world, said one of the creators, it seems they’re here to set the record straight. You can think of it this way: you think you know the place you sit in, but what you actually know is one perspective. Now think that another one is attainable using CanopyStair, like unlocking a new dimension.

The concept came to life after various testing forms were at first created. The final one is made out of a aluminium tripod frame, lightweight tread, handrail and a ratchet strap that quickly fastens the step into place. It’s neat, I would definetly give it a go.


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