The gift your family needs

Firday, a company specialized in creating genuine clever advanced devices that usually float, introduced to us the Floatwing, a mobile house able to sustain itself on the floating line if used with imagination and treated with respect – should it become your home, well, this is up to you. From my perspective, it has a lot of possible ways to prove itself not only practical, but applied to your uttermost need of a pathway to freedom on a week-end after a successful deadline-locked project has ended this Friday – go and replenish your batteries, you deserve it.

Fully operational, a gift to any family

You take it with you wherever you please, set it up, and by using the two small outboard motors you can let it flow at up to three knots, taking you to the perfect place to spend a getaway from the noise of the city. It can store up to three double bedrooms, but that is up to your choice, varying from 0 to 3, thus taking the total platform lentgth in between 10 and 18 metres. You also get a fully equipped kitchen, a heat pump and AC generator. Also, wine cellar at your disposal doubled by a barbecue found on the upper deck. Fully operated using electricity, the capacity it has is to work for up to seven days when fully charged, producing up to 80% of the annual energy needed, the manufacturer informs. They also mention how it was designed and built using low environmentally impactful materials and technologies to reduce the carbon footprint, which to me is the greatest plus there can be. It is a brilliant idea, a beatuful concept, a great way to make you feel at home, without any worries, with only the breeze of the warm nights to think about. Save for it or get it now, it’s all worth it. Looks like it’s made professionl, with care, leaving no details to chance.





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