Fancy some Indian royal treatment for your body and mind? Travel to the place where even the Bengal tiger found its rest place. In India, Rajasthan is basically the same with royalty. Given this, there is no wonder why the former royal hunting grounds were partly acquired by the Aman hotel chain to create a relaxing oasis for visitors.

Amanbagh Hotel features 24 Haveli suites and 16 Pool pavilions. Everything is surrounded by palm trees, eucalyptus and other fruit trees. There’s a 90 km drive from Jaipur airport to Amanbagh. During the trip, the dusty road serves as a second home for countless camels and as a main access way for Rajasthani men and women.

The welcoming is really warm and touching. Hotel staff bring cold towels and refreshing honey and ginger drinks. Next up, a short prayer that resonates heavily against the hotel ceiling is sung by the staff. It really gives the goosebumps.

Amanbagh is silent to the point where you can feel it caressing your skin. There is an olympic size pool in the back yard, and only a few steps further, a small, crystal clear pool with spa and massage.

The Pool Pavilions within the hotel are similar to what western culture calls the luxury suite. Only it’s bigger, and by bigger I mean huge. Rooms feature plenty of marble and fine silk. The bed is king-size. Honestly, you could easily fit 4 people inside and still guarantee each one will have a comfortable sleep.

Bathrooms come with a center bath tub dressed in dark green marble. The sink areas and dressing rooms compliment the central piece beautifully.

When it comes to food, most of the ingredients used by Chef Kundan are brought from the Amanbagh hotel’s own gardens. They won’t get any fresher than that! Obviously, the food is excellent, with a particular target on the red lamb curry.

Overall, if you are looking for an exotic trip for your next holiday, Amanbagh Hotel might be one experience you will definitely never regret. Check out the pics below: