So, how about a nice trip on a cruise ship? Except maybe for those whom are veritable sea-sick, a well planned cruise will surpass many other vacation opportunities. While most travel agencies will lay down offers extending up to 4 weeks on the sea, MSC Cruises goes big, really big.

Nicknamed „World Cruise”, this ship trip will take you away for 4 months. That’s 192 days at sea, visiting 32 countries over 6 continents. Basically, you are going to travel the world (except the freezing Antarctica).

Passengers will be board on MSC Magnifica, one of the largest cruise ships of its type and also one of the most modern. Inside, a wide range of amenities await; among those, there are 11 bars, 4 restaurants, a 4D cinema and a panoramic discoteque.

Of course, you’re not going to spend ALL your time on the ship. A number of excursions are included; passengers get tour national parks, dip into the lagoons and ride elephants!

As you might expect, this whole trip doesn’t cost only time, but money. You have to dig really deep for a ticket: $16,999 is the estimated cost for the cruise that sets out on January 5th, 2019. According to MSC, tickets are only available for members at the moment, but worldwide availability will occur starting December 14th, 2017.

So, what’s more expensive? Taking 4 months of vacation or spending around $17.000 for a trip? Definitely, when adding both together, few get to rise to the request. However, we bet it’s worth every day and penny spent! Get more details on MSC Cruises.