Valley of Five Lakes is located in Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada. This beautiful place can be visited at different times of the year and I can safely say that Alberta, Canada once visited will have a special place in one’s heart. People who are privileged enough to travel around the planet and visit some amazing places always list Alberta near the top of the best places to visit.

Jasper National Park is huge and if you really want to fully explore it you would need a lifetime. One of the park’s greatest treasures is for sure the Valley of Five Lakes.
You can’t find much information online about Valley of Five Lakes and maybe that’s the top thing. You do not have to know anything about this place to explore it. You do not need information. You only need your readiness to be carried away by the beauty of Valley of Five Lakes.

There are numerous photos taken at this amazing place and they are enough to get your adrenaline pumping. The colors are unlike anything you’d seen before and you will like instantly when see it in person.

There are indeed five lakes having shades of green and blue. The colors come from the glacial rock dust and special algae and other factors. It is stunning, unlike any other natural experience you’d enjoyed before. These lakes are breathtaking and should be seen on the cover of every travel magazine.

I know that you can’t find Valley of Five Lakes on Must See lists but it deserves one of the top five places. Valley of Five Lakes is not only one of the Canada’s great natural treasure it’s also the world’s. Not many people visit these lakes, and that’s part of their charm. Their raw beauty and untouched nature will leave you speechless and you should pay a visit to this place the first time you get a chance to.


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