If you want to try something that will stay deep in your mind for the rest of your life go for diving in Paua New Guinee. It’s for sure going to be your unique and one-and-only experience.

About Paua New Guinee

The coral triangle of marine biodiversity with the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world surrounds Paua New Guinee. Being recognized internationally as one of the best dive locations in the world, Paua New Guinee can offer you nothing but the exotic, unexplored waters, barrier reefs, coral walls, patch reefs, fringing reefs, sea grass beds, coral atolls, and wreck dive sites. This Indo-Pacific area has twice as many marine species as the Red Sea and five times more than the Caribbean.

The other name for hot waters of Paua New Guinee is ‘underwater paradise for photographers’.

The average water temperature ranges from 25 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius in the Bismarck Sea. The high season is generally from mid-April to mid-June and mid-September to mid-November, but one can dive in Papua New Guinea all year round.

Dive operators

Land-based and live-aboard dive tours are both offered by dive operators in Paua New Guinee. Up to three dives can take place in land based tours and they normally consist of a day tour. Live-aboard tours can take 7-10 days, with up to five dives a day. There are fully equipped dive shops with diving and snorkeling equipment that you can rent. If you are bringing your own equipment, there are facilities available in the main cities to clean it. Relaxing environment is priority for dive operators in Paua New Guinee.


The reefs along the coast of Papua New Guinea are extremely fragile. The members of the Papua New Guinea Divers Association actively promote the use of moorings on regularly dived sites because they want to preserve the marine ecosystem. Sensible diving and respecting the underwater environment in Papua New Guinea is number one thing to keep in mind while diving and the message to all divers is very clear: please look but don’t touch. Papua New Guinea was rated the TOP Dive Destination in the World in 2002 and received the Rodale’s Scuba Diving Readers’ Choice Award.


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