Want to begin a wild voyage in the desert? Then you’ve to book a ticket to Dubai to fulfill your wanderlust by engaging in some adventurous activities in the morning desert safari.

From dynamic golden dunes to the vast expanse of seas and skies, you’re sure to have unlimited fun if you’re a thrill seeker. Also, the Bedouin traditions, Arabic cuisine, and camels are ingredients that soak in you in the safari, transporting you to the Arab culture. 

However, the Dubai safari happens at different intervals of the day. In the mornings, they happen for a few hours before the sun shines in its full strength.

So in this blog, we’ve decided to stick to the morning desert safari and enlighten you with some timeless adventurous activities you can try and spend the rest of the day touring the rest of Dubai! Here we go.

Ten ultimate adventure and fun-filled activities you must try in the morning desert safari

You get a tremendous kickstart to yet another touring day in Dubai, visiting the morning desert safari. Alongside, you also get a good amount of workout enjoying the activities. So don’t miss trying out the stuff we’ll list here, as they are the gems that brighten your day for a thrill!

  • Begin your day gazing at the desert sun rising over the horizon

This is the most spectacular sight than that setting sun in the evening desert safari. Here you get more intricate beauty of the desert coming alive to welcome you. And also, this is the time to take some best snaps!

  • Head on with dune bashing

It is Dubai’s highly sought-after desert sport in 4×4 land cruisers across the deserts. You get a personalized roller coaster experience on land with a professional driver. 

Consequently, if you’re in love with the adrenaline rush of going up and down the dunes, we bet you’ll enjoy the most!

  • Quad biking for your style of adventure

Don’t wanna sit behind and enjoy dune bashing? Then the morning desert safari in Dubai allows you to engage in an adventure all by yourself!

You can traverse the deserts over the low and high dunes keeping the bike under your control. Ensure to follow instructions beforehand to have a safe and fun journey ahead.

  • Dune bugging group adventurers

Feeling sad leaving your loved ones and friends alone and going for an adventure? Well, catch up on the dune buggy to go as a group for some super fun!

These are specially designed vehicles to work wonders on off-road terrains. They can go up high in the dune mountains at lightning speed. 

  • Sandboard the dunes to get a punch of thrill

All you need to do is to go up high on the dunes and slide down with the attached board beneath your feet. It is another version of snowboarding.

However, you must note that the boards used for sandboarding are different from those used for snowboarding. They are more firm. So don’t get out there and end up breaking your snowboard!

  • Intense adventure taking a dirt bike

Want to showcase your wild biking skills, which were tied up with road rules? Then you’re the right guy to enjoy this biking in the desert to the maximum!

They’re another better avatar of the buggies and the quad bikes. However, you enjoy most of the ride if you’re an experienced motorcyclist. Otherwise, you’ll be guided by an expert. 

  • Camel rides to indulge in a better desert experience

For 45 minutes, you go on a camel to feel the desert air and the mild heat on your face. What an experience!

But don’t worry about the camels. They are well fed and treated to delight you on your trip. 

  • Zooming on a hot air balloon to soar in the desert sky and admire the view

Don’t miss this ride as it usually begins mostly nearing sunrise. By the way, have your cameras close at hand because you will have a mesmerizing view of the sun rising before your eyes and the iconic view of the vast desert expanse beneath you!

  • Get a chance to experience the desert wildlife

This is the best part of a morning safari in Dubai. Just jump into a land cruiser, and you’ll get to see a variety of exotic birds, flora, and fauna, along with the Bedouin practice of falconry. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to fly a falcon yourself! 

  • Quick brunch to end your exciting day

After your exciting day of extravagant activities, you’ll be taken to the Al Khayma camp for some light brunch before returning home. 

This restaurant is in the middle of the desert for morning desert safari visitors waiting with some exquisite dishes. 

Time to go!

So, guys, it’s your turn to go wild and alive on the morning desert safari in dubai on your next vacation!