Adventure Will Follow With GoPro Seeker Backpack

If you’re a fan of GoPro cameras, you are an adventurer, one way or another, always finding the coolest ways to quench the thirst of that unresting soul of yours. You already know the gear is a very important part of your journeys. But you should know that what you seek is seeking you. So, if you’re looking to expand your range, then you need the GoPro Seeker Backpack.

It’s smart built, lightweight and weather-resistant, providing 16 liters of storage, with a main compartment for your personal needs. Of course, a GoPro socket for the mounts and accessories is included. Oh, and if we already spoke about thirst, what about a compartment you can fill with two liters of potable water?

You also get an integrated chest mount, so you shouldn’t worry about it going anywhere, with the adjustable shoulder mount present, as with any backpack that respects itself. Inside, a soft-lined pocket allows you to store five GoPro cameras, alongside batteries and microSD cards. Like this, they’re not only protected and organized, but saving you the pressure of constantly thinking if they’re doing alright.

The only thing you should worry about once you lay your hands on your own copy, is where to try it first.