We feature the best, most stylish accessories for men, from backpacks and wallets to street style fashion items.

5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

Every business outfit need a briefcase, even if you won’t give up your jeans when you go to important meetings. You should pair that briefcase with a cool, timeless piece – not sure your current smartwatch will still be in fashion in the next 2 or 3 years. And as long as we still use paper money and it’s not yet all digital, you still need a wallet – a solid one. For the next 2 essential accessories every man should own, read below.

Tracer360 High-Tech Visibility Vest

When you’re running, biking or hiking, dealing with smartphone-distracted drivers is something you should consider first hand, before anything else. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that does night runs or commutes using a bike, remember that a safety vest and reflective shoes are only effective while in the path of car lights. Just get outside the beam angle and your reflectory equipment is suddenly not effective enough to provide the required level of safety you wish for. The Tracer360 Visbility vest promises to solve … continue reading

$60 Buy

Sovrn Drfiter, The Ultimate Backpack

The guys at SOVRN Republic Brand released some months ago their latest model in the multiple use backpacks industry, called the drifter. It’s a travel bag. and the first thing that comes up when you have a first glance it’s the deisgn, something between raw and classic, it features high quality canvas using split leather motives on the front. Having a 30  litres capacity, measuring 18.5″ x 11.8″ x 6.7″ I have to give this to it, it looks awesome, I don’t think there is a better … continue reading

$100 Buy

Isar Rucksack By Côte&Ciel

If you’re looking to compliment your anti-monotonous style with a legit rucksack where you re able to store a laptop and a few other objects, the Isar Rucksack is definitely worth more than just a passing look. The more sophisticated brother of the original Isar, the Concrete Herringbone features a leather frame and and a randomized wave of Herringbone. This rucksack is built in order to provide a few key features. It’s design allows fairly easy access to your laptop and pushes forward a futuristic style, completing … continue reading

$276 Buy

Top 10 Coolest Backpacks For Men


Backpacks are back in town! Now it is more fashionable than ever to carry your backpack any place you go. Whether you’re using a backpack strictly when going to gym or on short trips, or if it’s more of a necessity due to your long daily commute, it should pack some style.

Neoruk Is A Catch-All Style Backpack

For casual travelers, there are handbags. For camel-style commuters like me and many other people out there whom are bringing along a bunch of their gear (laptop, tablets and stuff), there’s the Neoruk backpack. It is designed and manufactured by Black Ember, and it is the largest of their collection. The Neoruk Pack holds 25 liters of storage space, encapsulated for a high level of protection of the gear kept inside. What’s even better than the generous amount of space? It looks great and it has been … continue reading

$212 Buy

4 Accessories Brands You Need to Watch Plus A Spring Sale


We’ve selected 4 cool brand making waves in Accessories & Footwear and selected some of their best products in a list. Also, our friends at East Dane are having a huge Sprinf sale up to 25% on almost all products.

Back to Back. 10 Cool Backpacks


Whether you’re using a backpack strictly when going to gym or on short trips, or if it’s more of a necessity due to your long daily commute, it should pack some style. Most of us need more than one trusty friend to carry our belongings, because well, we don’t wear the same outfit each day. Here are 10 cool backpacks.

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