When you’re running, biking or hiking, dealing with smartphone-distracted drivers is something you should consider first hand, before anything else. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that does night runs or commutes using a bike, remember that a safety vest and reflective shoes are only effective while in the path of car lights. Just get outside the beam angle and your reflectory equipment is suddenly not effective enough to provide the required level of safety you wish for.


The Tracer360 Visbility vest promises to solve all the issues regarding how well you’re seen by fellow road users when you’re using something else rather than a car to move around. Using two powerful CREE LEDs, the vest features multi-color illumination modes in direct connection to visual science, in order to maximize the visual impact they have. There are five dynamic illumination modes are software controlled and combine strobe flash and blink modulation for the optimum signaling. The system distributes signals in a 360-degree radius, removing the need of being parallel to car beams in order to be seen.

Tracer360 is made out of high breathability materials, and offers minimum fabric-to-body contact. Even with the small surface touching your body, Tracer360 can be fitted perfectly using its adjustable elements and will stay in place during your workout. Tracer360 is designed is such way that it won’t keep sweat inside, also not interfering with a hydration belt. You can use this high visibility vest to run through rain, as it provides 100% waterproof capabilities.