Are you looking to buy a messenger bag but you’re not quite sure which one fits your personality the best? Check out these ideas for businessmen, artists, college jocks, travelers, hipsters and gentlemen, get inspired and stay sharp!

The Businessman


Your phone is ringing off the hook, you have to meet five deadlines every half hour, your assistant keeps interrupting you with conversation requests, you have to reach two meetings that are minutes apart… we know how hectic the life of a businessman can be. We also know how impossible it may be to check off all of your daily office tasks if you do not have the necessary equipment and gadgets at hand. That is why a leather messenger bag is exactly what you require to control your daily chaos. Fit in all of your desk accessories and store them in a smart bag that you can bring with you to meetings. You can easily choose from the wide array of premium leather briefcases for men for all of your business needs. Purchase on Serbags for $195

The Artist


No matter if you engage in writing, painting, composing or playing music, sketching or any other form of art, you will always need to have your specialized accessories at hand in case you get struck by inspiration throughout the day or you are heading to meet your team of artists. The author will always need a notepad and writing tools at hand, the painter will need to store his brushes and on-the-run acrylics, the lyricist will have the same essentials as the author, the drummer will need his sticks and mallets, the guitar player will need his picks, the sketcher will need pencils and pads… you can easily see why any kind of artist could use a practical canvas bag to have their creative tools near them at all times. Purchase on Amazon for $24

The College Jock


Speaking of canvas bags, what can look better with a varsity jacket than that? When they have to run to practice but don’t want the strain of carrying a huge duffel bag after them, jocks can always count on a sturdy canvas messenger back to keep their spare clothes and accessories. In addition to this, off the court or field jocks can wear a leather messenger bag to maintain a classy appearance. If you are one of the best-looking guys at your university you have to maintain your reputation, right? Purchase on Coach for $698

The Traveler


So you have decided to quit your 9 to 5 job, sell some of your expensive and useless belongings, pack your life up and go traveling through Europe for the next few years. Of course, you have your large rucksack for all of your clothes, but you are going to leave that one at the hostel you are staying. For discovering the city in depth, you can’t carry around a huge piece of luggage, can you? This is where the messenger bag fits in perfectly, literally! While you can’t leave your valuable possessions anywhere unguarded when traveling abroad, you can keep them close to your side with a cool and fresh messenger bag. For travelers we definitely recommend canvas messenger bags, as they match well with most casual or sporty outfits.

The Hipster

Now seriously, what would a true hipster be without a messenger bag? All jokes aside, we all know what style we are talking about when we say hipster. It is, by no means, in a bad sense, but it’s the only way we can express bohemian, artsy fellows who have a knack for cool accessories. The messenger bag, of course, is a fashion staple for hipsters, and we approve of their choice. Leather bags work great if you like wearing fedoras and wayfarer’s, so see which style you like the most and rock one like the young, wild and free guy we know you are.

The Gentleman


For the modern day dandy, a leather messenger bag can go a long way. A tweed three-piece suit for day time wear simply looks a lot more appealing when matched with a leather bag, wouldn’t you agree? You can match your leather bag and suit with a bow tie, neck scarf or tie, with a silk pocket square and a fine watch you invested time and money in.