If you’re looking to compliment your anti-monotonous style with a legit rucksack where you re able to store a laptop and a few other objects, the Isar Rucksack is definitely worth more than just a passing look. The more sophisticated brother of the original Isar, the Concrete Herringbone features a leather frame and and a randomized wave of Herringbone.


This rucksack is built in order to provide a few key features. It’s design allows fairly easy access to your laptop and pushes forward a futuristic style, completing the picture with ample space to carry office essentials around while maintaining a comfortable feeling on your back and shoulders. The Isar Rucksack accommodates laptops between 13 and 15 inch in diagonal, enough space remaining to carry all your tools along even on your busiest days of the week. The internal sleeve holding the laptop is padded carefully to ensure a high grade of protection for your laptop. Alongside, another pocket is placed to hold documents while on the exterior, two more padded pockets are there to hold your phone or other urban-life required gadgets.

Although the shape is somewhat odd, producers say it represents a forward push on stylish engineering, combining efficiency with good taste and neo-modern lines. Concrete is what the color is all about. Used in high quality architecture designs, stamped concrete is what the Herringbone texture reminds us of. Being a randomized wave, this design makes every Isar Rucsack unique. You can find more designer bags on designisthis.com