Backpacks are back in town! Now it is more fashionable than ever to carry your backpack any place you go. Whether you’re using a backpack strictly when going to gym or on short trips, or if it’s more of a necessity due to your long daily commute, it should pack some style.

Coolest backpacks for any kind of style or situation.


If the last backpack you bought was in highschool, you should reconsider this. Because now you can very easily wear one when going to a business meeting – a vintage leather backpack will help you upgrade your outfit! Also, messenger backpacks are being improved, so now you can find plenty of cool ones for your style. When you travel, make sure you travel in style, so always have an appropriate backpack! And this is not all. If you are the adventurous type, you can find awesome waterproof bags that will help you have a good experience, whether you go hiking the mountains or make a visit to the countryside.

Most of us need more than one trusty friend to carry our belongings, because well, we don’t wear the same outfit each day. Here are 10 cool backpacks you can wear for different situations.

A Smart Backpack for Smart Moves!

Here’s your next best friend, who can recharge all your gadgets on the move! All you have to do is put your phone, tablet or laptop inside the bag!

AMPL Smartbag

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Leather Backpack With Vintage Look


If you like vintage accessories, you will definitely like this product!

Stefano Large Leather Backpack

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Water Resistant Laptop Backpack


You should start taking care of your laptop and carry it in a waterproof backpack. Here’s one designed for your needs.

Stadium Bag

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Handmade Leather Backpack


Handcrafted accessories always make a good investment! You can wear this one for a long walk on your favorite streets or when going to work!

Oliberte Krabu

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Messenger Commuter Bag


This is a messenger bag you can wear with everything from jeans to a suit. Besides this, it is perfectly commuted, so you can carry there many useful things.

Triangle Commuter Bag

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Gym Backpack For Men


Going to the gym? Then you need a bag with compartments for your daily essentials.

Nike SB RPM Backpack

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Stylish Vintage Backpack


Here’s a roll-top backpack made from durable cotton canvas with leather flap-pocket accents that you can really wear on a daily basis! Plus, it has a cool vintage look!

Sons of Trade Pioneer Backpack

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Cool Ski Backpack


Are you a ski fan? Than make sure you have everything you need when going for a ride! Pick a ski backpack built for durability and utilitarian convenience, like this one from Nordstrom.

Oakley Rafter Backpack

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One Shoulder Backpack


This one shoulder backpack is designed for those days when you need a bag that will hold all of your stuff, but want something easy to wear. Then, this backpack is the answer.

TGX Skirmisher Tactical Sling Bag

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One Shoulder Leather Backpack


This backpack is crafted from natural leather and it is an extremely stylish option for your casual outfit!

Skagen Pueblo Leather Slingpack

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