The age of wearable technology is here to stay and while smart watches now have a world of their own, why not direct our attention towards other familiar objects, like the banal belt. For some, belts can be the accessory of a superhero, so they wear them in fun colors and with weird buckles to show off their personality. For others, a simple black belt with elegant details is there to express their refined taste and wallet capacity. And then there are those who have already set their minds on the newest SlideBelt, a multipurpose belt that is both elegant and useful.

[adsense300gray]The Survival Belt has been created by a USA-based company with a history in making sliding belts and the successful five years they have been on the market have converged into this moment – the release of their newest, most exciting product yet. The company has created three versions of the Survival Belt, but since their production requires some serious funding, they have set different goals for each one on Kickstarter. The last of the three, The Explorer, has the highest funding limit since it will include GPS technology, among other features. The Survivor and The Hunter have reached their goals, so customers can so far enjoy the base buckle, a fire starter and a multi-tool included in their SlideBelt. The Hunter is the one that has a multi-tool consisting of a can opener, a saw blade, scraper, nail pry and a flat-head screwdriver.

Of course, you can’t have a bad ass buckle without a sturdy strap, so the guys at SlideBelts designed one that will resist in every kind of weather. It’s impermeable to water and other staining liquids (such as ink), it can bend and flex in the cold, and it doesn’t crack after it has been a long time under the unforgiving sun. The rugged strap comes in five different colors that fit beautifully with not just cargo pants, but with business-casual outfits as well.

All in all, the Survival Belt product is definitely innovative, but not so outlandish that it seems silly. You’re basically going to be like a superhero in disguise.