The Overnight hints at what the name says: it’s big enough to accomodate a change of clothes and all your cosmetic essentials, it’s sturdy, handcrafted using the finest goat leather and lined with a tough hunters green canvas and will never ever let you go to work the next day wearing the same clothes. No more walk of shame for anyone. Not that we’re implying that you’d ever do such a thing. Just that we all know how partying can get the better of your common sense, one thing leads to another and there you are, in someone else’s house with work looming over the next morning. You wouldn’t want your coworkers to see you as anything less than fresh, would you? And this bag is the perfect mix of spacious and manly. Perfect for keeping all your essentials safe while you hit the town. Who knows where your adventuring will land you? Better be prepared, no?

[adsense300gray]It’s not only good for avoiding awkward situations, it’s also a perfect solution for light traveling. When you need to leave ASAP on a short business trip, this bag should be your go-to travel accessory. It even has extra room, as it features four exterior pouches and a back zipper pocket in which your tablet will fit perfectly. Ideal for the hurried lifestyle of so many out there. Heck, you can even fit snacks in it. Just remember not to overdo the packing, as you will be carrying it on your shoulder. Pack and travel light, for the best experience. There’s nothing like leaving the plane first, knowing you only have this leather bad boy on you. Trust us, it’s worth a sigh of relief.

P.S. Despite it being on your shoulder, this bag will always have your back.



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