Designers from AMPL labs had to face a serious issue with their new product; a backpack with integrated gadget charger is not something new; however, add a few cool options like application control, charging management, good looks and you find yourself in front of Ampl Smartbag.

Being built as an all-in-one solution for every commuter who needs or wants to stay wired throughout the day, it can recharge laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Ampl Smartbag was built from the inside out: an 18.5 Whr Li-Pol battery holds energy for recharging while each of the 7 pockets features an USB port. The backpack is coated with a nylon polymer to keep any water away from electronics. The base battery takes about a hour and half to be fully charged and is able to recharge a smartphone two or three times. There is a front moulded case that holds sensors and backpack’s electronics; it also features an OLED display that provides data regarding charging states and temperatures.

[adsense300gray]You have the option of choosing which device charges first and fine tune a few other settings by installing the dedicated app on your smartphone. Apart from feeding statistical data from your devices currently hooked up in the backpack, the app can alert when you might leave and forget your backpack.

In case you need more charging power, extra batteries are available as follows: 18.5Wh Tablet Boost which is expected to provide 10 hours of battery life on an iPad Air, or 55Wh Laptop Boost which should add 14 hours of battery on an MacBook Air. The first one can be acquired for $55 while the more powerful supply costs $139. The AMPL Backpack can accommodate three extra batteries.