Are you into skiing ? How about snowboarding ? Or maybe you love both ? In any case, if you’re planning on going in a vacation for enjoying the beauty and benefits offered by snow, surely you’ll need something for carrying your skis and/or snowboard. And other stuff.
In that case, you don’t have to worry about carrying them around along with your other things, because I have the perfect solution for keeping your things together in an elegant and extremely practical way: the Douchebag! No, this is not a joke, I’m really talking about a bag called that way. Don’t let yourself fooled by its name, as this fellow will prove to be your new best friend when you’ll be needing to carry your gear.

[adsense300gray]The Douchebag has room for your skis, snowboard and some other tiny stuff that don’t take a lot of space. Being made from high-quality materials, it keeps them safe and sound.
Also, our friendly and helpful Douchebag comes with a smart system that allows it to be adjusted according to the size of your gear. Carrying it around is not a problem either, as it features a shoulder strap. It’s also lightweight, at only 7,5 lbs (3,4 kg), and it can be compressed, so it won’t take much space when its services aren’t needed.