Have handkerchiefs gone out of fashion? Well, the plain, boring, white ones clearly have.In the past hundred years or so handkerchiefs for man have been mostly white in color and it was the ladies that had the opportunity to embellished ones.


Today a handkerchief is an important suit accessory in men’s fashion and it is carried in a top pocket of a jacket. So why wear a boring one when you can have something interesting sticking out of your jacket pocket saying something about you in a gentlemanly way?


An American company from Atlanta has made typographic traveler handkerchiefs with this idea in mind. For all the people that enjoy travel and seeing the world, an elegant vintage map pattern has been printed out on a handkerchief. A dandy and modern look that will surely get your friends to ask you where you got it.


A handkerchief is really not a practical wardrobe piece in today’s world and nobody thinks of it as such anymore. So it is definitely a good idea to make a dapper looking one that even though it has no real function, other than as a decoration, it looks interesting and fun. It is clear that it would look elegant and original in a black suit.

It could also be a good conversation starter, you see someone wearing it and think where has this person traveled, I wonder if they have an interesting story to tell.


The handkerchief is made out of 100% cotton, it is reversible and it has a funny pun for a slogan: “think outside the pocket”. That is simply wonderful marketing. This handkerchief is a nice way to make your outfit look original without going over the top.