[adsense300gray]If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone 5 or you’re thinking about getting one of the recently announced Apple champs, the iphone 5C and 5S, you might be interested in protecting your precious and offering it a nice, cozy place to stay when you’re not using it.
If so, check out the Draw iPhone Case & Stand from Hard Graft, a beautiful and elegant accessory which is not only good looking, but very practical too.

Having a simplistic, yet clever design, the case can easily be turned into a stand thanks to its companion, a discreet piece of rope which secures your phone while it’s resting inside the case, but also plays an important role when you use your phone as a media player or alarm clock. You just have to place your phone like you see in the pictures, pull the rope et voila! You have yourself a cute stand.

The hard graft case/stand is not only good looking and practical, it’s also durable, as the high quality leather used for designing it promises to last for a long time. It comes in two colors, heritage and smoke, both of them looking really stylish. Your iPhone will love one of these, I promise!

Draw iPhone Case & Stand