Hard graft proudly presents their 1st edition travel bag, a luxury (if there’s such a thing) travel bag, made with love and, obviously, with top notch Italian craftsmanship and materials. Because Italians are masters when it comes to design. Just think about it : Gucci, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Armani, the list goes on and on.

[adsense300gray]Getting back to our high end – luxury travel bag, this is the definition of casual yet luxurious, smart yet classic design, east meets west, hipster meets Phileas Fogg (the dude from Around the World in 80 days, Jules Vernes, rings a bell?).

What I am trying to tell you is that the travel bag first edition looks just like a classic one from the 19’th century. Made of premium materials, like tanned leather and high quality denim, this baby will make for the perfect companion in your trips around the world. You’ll look uber-cool, mark my words and all the chicks will love you longtime.


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