Having money, more or less, involves having a wallet. Or at least it does for most of us who don’t enjoy stuffing our pockets (or at least their bottoms) with money, next to keys, gum or whatever you carry around in your pockets. Well, if you want to gather your money and cards and get a (new) wallet, you should consider getting a durable one, and it’s preferable to look towards something made from real leather.

The Pinnacles Cardfold is a good candidate for the job if you also want to combine style with the mixture between high quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. It’s hand sewn and the precision and attention paid for manufacturing it are very much impressive, as when taking a close look at it, you’ll notice that everything’s perfectly done thanks to a talented and meticulous person.

[adsense300gray]The wallet is made from English Bridle Leather and has a simplistic design, being more like a card wallet which can also hold your money. One of its ends is opened, but have no worries, your money are safe and sound at every moment. A card slot is also provided.
The Pinnacles Cardfold is available in two color tones, brown and tan, which is a pleasant looking orange.