Let me show you what Canada is all about, a giant thrift-shop ruled by her Majesty, The Queen of England. And snow, lots of snow.

They call it TheMake co. and basically, what we’re dealing with here is a huge online collection of stuff, „carefully designed” by the nice people from Montreal Canada. This is the ultimate online boutique, packed will all sorts of high-quality stuff. Some may say, not very useful stuff, but this represents a very nice alternative to a flea market.

What I’m trying to tell you folks is that If you’re looking for the perfect gift, for him or for, horrible dictu, her, look no further. Chances are you’ll find it here. You can shop for almost everything, except drugs, guns and ammo. The rest is up to you : what do you need? Well, they probably have it. You can even find in here improbable products, such as as a surfboard grooming kit. Hell, I had no idea that such things actually exists. But, The Make.co have it. So, it’s real. Just take a look and make your pick.

For example, check out this simple and elegant bike rack, sold for $180

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