[adsense300gray]The BookBook Travel Journal is just a fancy name for a regular leather case, made especially for Apple products. It’s basically a briefcase, large enough to harbor an iPad or a MacBook, but its very nice design makes it look like a regular „vintage” book. Obviously, the BookBook is fully compatible with most Apple products, like the iPad Air, iPad mini and the iPad.

Along with the iPad, MacBook or whatever, there is enough room into the BookBook Travel Journal for your favorite accessories that go with your gadget, thanks to its cleverly designed pockets and adjustable bands, which allow you to organize and protect your essential items inside : your USB flash drives, your mouse, stylus, headphones and earbuds, all will fit perfectly inside it.

The iPad will be fully protected inside, due to its hard-leather covers and its rigid spine. Your precious Apple products will be kept out of harm’s way in all situations. Keep in mind that the Travel Journal is made of genuine leather, which is specially treated to make it look vintage and has dual zippers for easy access. Another cute thing about the BookBook’s dimensions: they are the exact same size as Steve Job’s biography.