Paintball is an awesome way to have fun and bond with your friends, especially now that the weather is warm. If you love an adrenaline rush a good paintball game is all you need this weekend.


Coldblood Art, a company from Thailand that designs masks and helmets, has made a some great looking masks for paintball that will instantly make you look cool, and let’s face it – menacing. The head designer who calls himself “Bomb” has made bold choices that paid off.  All the masks are colorful, innovative and highly detailed. I suppose that wearing them can make you feel like a better paintball player, in a “fake it ‘till you make it” sort of attitude. And it is sure that these masks will make it easier to recognize your friends if all of you are wearing different ones.


The masks are constructed from multiple layers of fiberglass that is not heavy and will make your experience easier and better. The main designer will make custom masks from other materials, like Kevlar or carbon fiber.


And in case you have played paintball before you know how lens fogging is a common problem. So Coldblood Art has decided to solve this problem for good. They created a built-in system that lets the air flow, both for the nose area and the lens area. No more lens fogging.


Get some thick clothes to avoid bruising, a sixpack of beer for the celebration later and you are ready to go, because with these masks you know that your head is safe.