People nowadays seem to be eager to reinvent everything. Things that once upon a time, we took for granted. Like, let’s say, the tie bar. Really now, what can you change about a regular, old school tie bar? Well, Ellsworth & Clyde have another view about life and especially about how a  Tie Bar should be like, so they came up with this apparently new concept of tie bar, which differs from the regular mass-produced by huge industrial robots (or maybe millions of Chinese androids) ones. Don’t get excited, there’s no Bluetooth kit attached to this new tie bar, it’s not even smart or running Android. What makes this piece of wardrobe stand out from the crowd is that it’s completely, totally hand made, with beautiful craftsmanship and also with blood, sweat and tears, if you choose to believe these dudes, Ellsworth and Clyde.

[adsense300gray]Oh, and it uses a magnetic closure mechanism, unlike those regular clip-thingy. When wearing this tie bar, you will feel warm deep down inside, because you will know for sure that somebody (a Westerner by all means and purposes) toiled to make this little piece of metal, leather and wood just for you. And if you’re ready to cough up $68 for a tie bar, this is what you get:

 Ellsworth & Clyde

Ellsworth & Clyde 2

Ellsworth & Clyde 3