If you’re a BMW fan, check out this new practical and good looking collection of accessories coming from the Bavarian designers. As you may know, BMW have just pulled the curtain over their electric vehicles, trying this way to become friends with Mother Nature or something like that.

Well, the initiative is good and the resulting products are quite attractive, especially if you’re inclined to protect the environment and usually buy eco-friendly stuff.
The i Collection includes a couple of bags, one for shopping, the other for keeping your laptop, a notebook, ball-point pen, 16 GB USB drive, a solar charger for your mobile phone or MP3 player and some lanyards and keyfobs.

[adsense300gray]All these items come in combinations between blue and gray, having a nice and pleasant look and are made from recycled materials (PET, to be more specific) and leather, which has been tanned in the same eco-manner, by using olive leaves. The simplistic and elegant design is made for matching with every style, so you’ll probably enjoy this environmental-friendly collection.

The BMW i collection of accessories will be available from October and you can expect prices between $20 and $100.