Already having a backed and fully funded product on kickstarter, the guys at Chivote are back with a new project – the world’s first two sided, handcrafted leather backpack, the 2Face Backpack. The backpack comes in 3 colors: the Black and RedRum leather colors are already some of the best looking backpacks I’ve seen in a while, but it’s the Nubuck that simply blows me away.

While there’s no doubt the exterior surely has that Apple-like design, that just makes you want to touch it and never let go, there’s good news coming from the inside as well. The laptop and tablet pockets are padded to protect your precious gadgets and backed by metal buckles that ensure greater durability versus plastic.

I could brag a little more about Chivote’s latest collection, but I’ll leave the photos speak for themselves. Also, make sure you check their kickstarter page for full info!



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