Jason Markk collaborated with Patta – a street-wear Dutch company based in Amsterdam and created a shoe cleaning kit for sneakers. Both companies seem to have a philosophy of premium shoe care for the urban man, so them making a product together makes a lot of sense.


This is a good product for all the sneaker-lovers out there wanting to ensure that their foot wear stays as cool as the day they bought it. Jason Markk opened “The World’s First Drop-off Sneaker Care Service” in Los Angeles two years ago and this kit seems like the logical next step, as is teaming up with Patta.


Everything from the logo on the box to the inside of the kit simply screams: I am so urban and hip, so I can imagine lots of skaters and DJs wanting to have one of these kits.

The thing I don’t understand is why is it limited to 1000 units worldwide. Perhaps the companies are trying to make it look more appealing with this marketing strategy, or maybe they are not sure how well it would do on the market.

But if you love your kicks collection and you want to keep it looking good over time this appears to be the solution. Considering the fact that the kit is small I can imagine it is good for traveling and taking it on the go with you, another added bonus.


The do-it-yourself approach goes well with both brands and with the millennials generation, which seems to be the targeted group for this particular product. Both companies started out small as family and friends organised structure and got bigger because of their dedication to quality. The street-wear scene is getting their foot in the door in the market place.