Planning a fun weekend getaway doesn’t imply much space for your luggage, but the weekend essentials of an in-style-traveller ask for more than a common travel bag. And the Shrine Sneaker Duffel bag is anything but ordinary.

Each sneaker enthusiast will definitely want to take pride in his shoes while travelling, so he must own its personal on-the-go sanctuary for the precious kicks one most proudly possess.

[adsense300gray]Therefore, Shrine’s travel bag main features are the two large, weather-resistant side compartments where your favorite pairs of sneakers will perfectly fit in. Easy to carry around, due to the soft padded jersey shoulder pad and the detachable shoulder strap, this travel bag has also a large middle compartment that can store approximately three outfits of clothes and toiletry bag.

Shrine complies with most international airline carry-on size requirements while still having enough room for your other belongings. Underneath the main lid opening there is a mesh pocket for your chargers, cables and other essentials. There is also one watch pocket for your favorite timepiece and quick-access front velcro pocket for phone or passport.

The Shrine Sneaker Duffel bag is an excellent choice for those who simply can’t afford wasting time with useless baggage, making sneakers packing easy and stylish.