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Mon Oncle Barbecue

If you love the tasty, juicy food that you only enjoy at a barbecue, check out this great piece of work by R. S. Barcelona: the Mon Oncle. At first glance, you’ll be wondering what does an elegant briefcase have to do with a barbecue. Well, when opening this vintage looking piece, a portable tabletop barbecue will be revealed, inviting you to take it out on your balcony, your garden or at a picnic and start cooking. Mon Oncle features a clever design and has … continue reading

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Kerbisher & Malt Fish And Chips Shop

A visit to London is never complete until you try the famously traditional fish and chips combo from Kerbisher & Malt, one of the best fish and chips shops around. If When you go there, make sure you order a side of Chippy sauce as well, the delicious vinegar-based sauce that was literally made for fish and chips. The entire place is designed to appeal to your minimal tastes and love for fresh and open spaces, with chairs that read [have a seat] and simple, … continue reading

11 Unconventional Wine Glasses

11 wine glasses 11 Unconventional Wine Glasses

Despite the fact that there are many forms of classical glasses taken as the standard, designers were not impressed and decided to add novelty to wine tasting. We had a look into the beautiful but small world of wine glasses, and we selected 11 best and most unconventional of them.

FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

The Norwegians know that bringing your own lunch is vital when food is too expensive in town (which is more than often true in the Scandinavian peninsula). Norway-based Unika brings you the best way of storing and transporting your food to work, when going on hikes or just because you want to give your sandwich a nice home before drowning it in acid and digesting it. Colorful, occupying minimal space and looking good, the FoodSkin flexible lunchbox will fit any type of sandwich, regardless of how … continue reading

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Pintofeed. The Automatic Pet Feeder

If you own a pet, you’ll definitely be very happy to hear about the latest and greatest way to feed it if you’re away all day long. As you may know, it’s not really healthy for them to have tons of food at their discretion and it’s better to feed them at regular hours, a few times a day, for keeping them fit and healthy. But that’s not really possible if you have a busy lifestyle, is it ? Well, Pintofeed is here to the rescue! … continue reading

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Swizzlecicles. Easy And Effective Cooling

If you enjoy having a drink at home from time to time (or even daily), I bet that you’ll be interested by a new cool invention, the Swizzlecicles. It comes to save your drink from being diluted by ice, therefore “ruined”, when you want to cool your beverage. The Swizzlecicles are practically some sticks made from food grade stainless steel that are filled with freezer gel and have double sided walls. You just have to leave them in the freezer for 4 or 5 hours and, … continue reading

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New York Burger Map

If you’re ever in America’s greatest city, there’s one thing you absolutely must try: the burgers! This is where the awesome New York burger map comes in. It provides you with easy-to-find edibles, restaurants, markets, and speciality shops all around the Big Apple. The map is from All-You-Can-Eat Press and comes neatly packaged in a wax paper bag. You also get a bonus wet-wipe, to clean all that grease off it before you hit the next diner. It has a nice vintage look to it and works perfectly as a … continue reading

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Aerodynamic Inspired Titanium Chopsticks

The Aero Ti chopsticks are the next generation when it comes to eating Chinese food. These are the high tech version of your regular, wooden/plastic chopsticks, made of solid titanium  in order to deal with the harsh environment represented by Asian cuisine. I’m kidding, of course, I love Chinese food. Beside the exotic material used in their construction, I mean common, this is the stuff supersonic aircrafts are made of, the Aero Ti chopsticks feature a futurist design. Their creators took the ancient appearance of … continue reading

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