Caffrey’s Irish Ale was re-launched in 1994 (since the Caffrey family was already brewing in the late seventeen hundreds, a few decades after Guinness was founded).

The beer was described through the following:

 it could be served as cold as lager, its texture would be as smooth as stout, while its taste was that of an ale.

Also, it was aimed at

the ageing lager drinker…looking for a mature pint.

Based on an 1897 recipe, this particular lager is designed to be served between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius, having an ABV of  3.8% (it used to have a 4.8% ABV back in the good old days, but it has since been reduced, in hope of stopping declining sales). Either way, the Caffrey lager is as smooth as it promises, mostly thanks to its low level of carbon dioxide (all the cans have a nitrogen pocket. Nitrogen is less soluble than carbon dioxide. Which means that the beer can be put under high pressure and not get fizzy. Which in its turn causes very small bubble to form, none of that super foamy stuff you usually get when pouring beer.)

Our advice is to enjoy a nice cold lager this summer, next to your barbecue. Consume responsibly.