Called „the most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world” by its makers, this beauty is a clear tribute to the Grand Prix engines of the 90’s. Containing alloys such as titanium, magnesium and aluminium (just like the ones used in engines raced by people like Schumacher), the Espresso Veloce comes in V10 and V12 configurations and makes a mean Italian coffee. Its oil-filler doubles as a grappa reservoir, while the coffee is served through the exhaust tubes. If that’s not an awesome idea, we don’t know what is!

Now in case you wanted to grab one for yourself or your car-passionate friend, this is a little trickier than just looking at pictures and clicking a button that says „buy”. First of all, the Espresso Veloce will only be produced on a limited scale (500 pieces). Secondly, it doesn’t look like those 500 pieces will be available any time soon. So start crafting in your garage if you really want one.